B is for blame thats good enough for me

Yes! The media does have the potential to affect society in a violent way, in the same way that when you go swimming there is a potential that you could get attacked by a shark. How many people each year are attacked by sharks?

“The ‘media effects’ approach, in this sense, comes at the problem backwards, by starting with the media and then trying to lasso connections from there on to social beings, rather than the other way around.”[1]

Jack Johnson captures this in “Cookie Jar”. 

The problem with the ‘Media effects’ is that everyone is trying to find a cause for this behavior without anyone accepting their part in it. Of all the violent acts caused that have been “linked” to violent videos or games, there has ALWAYS been a building amount of issues behind it.

Look at the Port Arthur mascara with Martin Bryant. The media was blamed for his rampage when in fact he had mental issues that had not been addressed, horrible home background where his father committed suicide.

Compare that with another friend’s child that has been allowed at the age of 8 to watch movies like “Paranormal activity”. Watching those kinds of movies won’t necessarily make her ‘violent’ but it doesn’t mean its okay for a child of her age to watch that type of content. There is some content that can be quiet graphic and violent, but that doesn’t mean you have to watch it and let it affect you.

[1] Ten things wrong with the ‘effect model’, in approaches to audience