More and more blogs and professional journalists are being targeted by misogyny and anonymous hate messages, which has resulted in a lot of these blogs turning off their comment sections or even shutting down their blogs all together.  Even on this blog (which has only been functioning for 3-4 months) i have already received over 200 messages, most were random spam messages.

Anonymous hate on Tumblr has become a real issue for the millions of users. I have been using tumblr for the last three years and luckily have never had to deal with misogyny or any annonmous hate but I have witnessed a lot of anon hate experienced by some of my followers.

The Tumblr community has started mobialising to combat anon hate using similar methods used in the  #mencallmethings campaign. One tumblr blogger even created a Blog called Men Call Me Things which was dedicated to explaining what was happening with the twitter hashtag as well as creating their own videos about the issues surrounding Misoygny and anonymous hate messages. Blogs like the ‘Combatting Anon Hate’ for example, are also being created every day which are dedicated to fighting the anonymity war online. Bloggers have even started creating video’s on YouTube about the anon hate.

At the moment there is no easy answer to stopping anonymous hate on the internet. Bloggers can not allow comments on their blogs, even start new ones, but is that really a solution?


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