How to take time and smell the Roses in the 21st Century



The world is getting busier every day, so it’s important to find time for the little things that make a normal day just that little bit special. Be inspired to do something different and find the joy in the every day miracles.


1. Go for a walk


2. Take a picture of the sunset instead of rushing past


3. Make something for your home


4. Build a blanket fort with your kids


5. Bake some cookies instead of buying them.


6. Plant something


7. Relax and have an easy movie day at home.


8. Sit in the sun


9. Write a letter to someone you care about.


10. Watch that funny video you don’t have time for


11. Have lunch outside not in your office


12. Read a picture book


13. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty


14. Buy a flower…. just because.


15. Say hi to the barrister who is making your coffee


16. Do something nice for someone you don’t know


17. Blow bubbles and pop bubble wrap


18. Shout someone a coffee


19. Read a short story


20. Find the beauty in the everyday


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