I was NOT expecting that!

How many times have we been shown a video on YouTube or even a link on Facebook and been thoroughly surprised. This is the remix culture just one of the many ways the audience is transforming into participatory culture. We hear or see something we are familiar with (a song, part of a movie or even just a famous person) but the meaning is changed as someone in the world adds it to another piece of content. These videos are being made in the multitudes every single day, and thanks to social media sites like Tumblr and twitter, more and more of these creations are going viral.

(In the spirit of Mother’s Day next week I choose this example) This group of women created a parody of ‘bohemian rhapsody‘ by the band Queen,  in which they changed the meaning of the song and performed their parody in a church in America. How has this content changed? Well for one thing I was on the floor laughing at this video; which means now that this iconic song has a humorous Mother’s Day side to it. Why? Because someone changed the meaning of the content.

But how was I able to see it? I wasn’t at the church when they recorded it, I don’t even know what church it is. Somebody in the audience recorded the content and used platforms like YouTube and Facebook to share the video. The concept of a remix culture has meant that ordinary people like the women on the video can become overnight internet celebrities

But its not just internet success for these creators. Remember that guy Weird Al Yankovic. His skill of remixing songs into amazing parodies led to him becoming so international known. Other rising stars The Key of Awesome, teddiefilms, Degabros and collegehumor have all been able to create their own fame by creating similar parodies.

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