“The Medium is the Message”

This paradoxical notion put forward by Marshal McLuhan in Understanding Media: the Extensions of man (1964) certainly made me perplexed when I was introduced to it earlier this week. After all, don’t we simply just use media in order to convey our own messages? Nowadays the use of many different media platforms has become a distinct part of daily communication. We’re using these media to convey what we want, and it’s obvious that we rely on these technologies in order to portray our perspective

However, Mark Federman’s article, What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message? claims that we must look beyond the “conventional understanding” of what the ‘medium’ and the ‘message’ really are. He expands McLuhan’s definition that a medium is “any extension of ourselves,” explaining that media provides us with more capability of generating and sending a message (Federman, 2004)

“The content of a…

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